Common Core


Although the Common Core State Standards have been politically under attack over the past two years, AEP is committed to making sure that your students are prepared with not only the basic resources that teachers use in order to fulfill their CCSS curriculum, but also equipped to provide highly creative, supplemental resources to enhance student learning under the Common Core State Standards.  For States that do not follow the Common Core State Standards, we still offer the universal titles to support a standards-based curriculum, relevant to your school’s reform initiatives, as well.  And, if you find something within one of the specific grade levels, but you teach in a different grade level area, our interest ranges of K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12 still situate our collections within the context of your age appropriate classroom.    

As you search through our Common Core collections, you will receive the best prices in the market on all of your books whether it be a study of Mark Twain’s classic literature or a study of UFO’s, The Korean War, or Animal Intelligence.

Our experts have selected some innovative titles so your students can become motivated to read and analyze fictional and informational titles through higher-order text complexity.

We are also available to create a custom collection that will motivate your learners to tackle the standards while not losing the desire to read, write, and learn at their highest level.

We are not just books at AEP.  We are your support network for making curriculum come alive.

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