Classroom Signage & Posters

From motivational posters to classy school signage that will get the attention of your students, teachers, and parents, allow AEP to introduce you to some creative concepts that contain fresh, crisp, and clear messages and branding for issues related to anti-bullying, respect, and other character education themes.

Make it easy for children to “Do The Right Thing” and “Be Kind” by posting daily reminders in your school. Students buy into consistent messaging. What could be more consistent than daily kind reminders in their classrooms and common areas to instigate positive behaviors?

Respectful Signage coordinating decals, signs, bumper stickers, and posters are available in bundles for even greater discount pricing:

BUNDLE OPTION ONE: Save $50 on 50 Signs: 10 sets of 5 different slogans, your choice!

BUNDLE OPTION TWO: Save $300 on 160 Signs: 20 sets of 8 different slogans, your choice!

BUNDLE OPTION THREE: Save $1,000 on 500 Signs: Your choice of merchandise! Buy any 500 signs from both the Respectful Reminders line and the Bullying Awareness line.

All bundles include educational webinars and instructional printouts for your staff and students. We teach your educators how to properly use the materials to their advantage. Get the whole school on board to keep the messaging consistent!

Custom requests are available. Kids love the speech bubble format. To suggest a slogan or request your school logo be added to the signage, let your AEP representative know and we will process it for you.
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