Professional Development


AEP believes that Professional Development (PD) is not an isolated “thing.”  As a system, all stakeholders can grow together and not only become experts in their concentration but grow together as a creative and collaborative system.

AEP is your partner in your professional development goals.  We value Board of Education Members, Central Office Administrators, School Leaders, Principals, Assistant Principals, Teachers, Support Staff, and everyone in between.  We believe that ALL are important in the collaborative system that guides our children in today’s society.

Think about your Technology Coordinators, Athletic Directors, Teacher Aides, Custodial Staff, School Psychologists, Business Officials, and so many other important educators and professionals within your system.  Do you have continuous learning embedded in your program to support every one of these professionals?

AEP is honored to be your partner in providing meaningful professional development materials to get your entire team rejuvenated, focused, and valued.  And, remember . . . we pride ourselves in the flexibility that we have with you in searching for anything that you desire if you don’t see it within our collections. 

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