As you peruse the thousands of collections that AEP now offers, you will find color-coded icons representing each area of a particular grade-level band.  These color-coded icons are aligned with the way that AEP will ship your book collections to you when you purchase a number of titles that are large enough to store in bin-ready bundles which coincide with the respective grade-level color band.  Here is a breakdown of the icon colors and bin storage colors:

Yellow = Primary Grades (typically Grades Pre-K-Grad2)

Green = Intermediate Grades (typically Grades 3-5)

Blue = Middle Level Grades (typically Grades 6-8)

Red = High School Level Grades (typically Grades 9-12)

Purple = Multi-Grades

(for overlapping levels: i.e. Grades 5-10, Grades 3-8, etc.)

**Please note: General subject/topic headings, such as “Health,” (purple), “Professional Development” (all icons are in red) or “Disney” (blue) have colorful icons, but they were only placed in color to make the website more attractive.  It is the actual collections, themselves, (behind each category) which are color-coded for your convenience.

As an effort to help you select, organize, and store your collections, AEP is proud to offer this service to you.  The larger collections quotes will already reflect the free bin that your collection(s) will include, so there is no need for you to factor in additional pricing.

We hope that you enjoy this free and easy service to better suit your classroom, bookroom, or library needs.  AEP is your partner with making sure that your experience with us is second to none.  




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Powered by kartris