About Lexiles . . .

A brief guide to AEP’s categorization of Lexile© Ranges


What is Lexile?

At AEP, we categorize our leveled readers to the midpoint range of appropriate skill level comprehension.  Comprehension, according to these standards, utilizes sentence length and word frequency.


MetaMetrics® provides a research-based methodology for use across the world.  It is extremely helpful for teachers, literacy specialists, and other professionals who strive to educate children starting at the point of what children are capable of doing now so that they can grow independently to higher reading and comprehension levels with adult direction.


What else is Lexile?

  • It is individual for each child.
  • It is a consistent measurement for all students.
  • It is developmental (i.e. 500L-550L is growth- based just like 1000L-1050L)


What Lexile ISN’T?

  • Don’t confuse Lexile© with Grade Level Equivalents (GLE’s) which are:
  • Based on tests or assessments.
  • Unfair to students because all 2nd graders do not all read at a 2nd grade level.
  • Not developmental, but rather situational according to grade-level-age.


How do we CODE Lexiles?

  • AD = Adult Directed
  • NC = Non-Conforming
  • HL = High/Low
  • IG = Illustrated Guide
  • BR = Beginning Reader


The goal is to select texts that do not ultimately need adult direction in order to grow independently.  However, AD is important for direct instruction and guided reading.


A Lexile is one multiple measure for children:

  • Educators need to keep in mind that textual content, age level, interest level, book design, genre, and other environmental factors contribute to a child’s success with reading and the relationship between text & self.
  • Lexiles© are a good starting point, however, for selecting texts.
  • Students should be able to speak the discourse about their Lexile growth with their teachers.
  • They should also be equipped to track their progress and have tactical discussions with their teachers about all of the caveats that go in to selecting texts.


What should I do before selecting texts?

Please refer to the AEP Reading Level Conversion Chart that you will find on this web-page.  Please read the informational explanation of how AEP’s Lexile Ranges might be a little different from other companies—as each company differs from one another in some way.



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