What have we been working on for you this year?

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Since 1992, Advanced Educational Products has been a leader in providing institutions and organizations the most competitive prices on book and multimedia services to public, academic, higher education, government, and specialty libraries worldwide, including the cataloging and physical processing of books.  AEP Books and Media has access to hundreds of the best and most unique publishers, allowing us to offer our customers the lowest prices with the ease of working with a single “better service” provider.

AEP has now hit the market with the creation of innovative, up-to-date, and expert designed classroom libraries, classroom kits, and thousands of collections to fit the needs of your entire organization—now all offered under one “AEP roof.”  Within the K-12 market, our team of experts has designed collections of classroom resources to support and supplement your teachers’ instruction and your school leadership pursuits

AEP is proud to offer the following 2018 collections:

  • NEW!  Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Collections.
  • NEW!  Subject Area Collections, including STEAM and Next Generation Science Collections.
  • NEW!  Themes and Specialty Collections for something special and unique!
  • NEW!  Readers’ & Writers’ Workshop Mentor Texts (with literary element descriptions).
  • NEW!  Guided Reading & Leveled Text Collections (fiction and non-fiction) (over 15,000 titles!)
  • NEW!  Book Room Collections to “replenish” and “resuscitate” your tattered titles!
  • NEW!  Professional Development Solutions (over 50 collections) for your entire organization!
  • NEW!  Parent-Teacher Association and Board of Education resource collections.
  • NEW!  Graphic Novels and high-interest titles for rejuvenating classroom or school libraries . . .

Each day, our experts create new collections so you have more choices for your students.  AEP can also customize the development of your classroom libraries and kits to fit your specific needs.  All you have to do is give us the idea that you have been thinking about and we will do the rest. 

Advanced Educational Products is now your one-stop-shop for your entire book and media needs because we understand what educators want by listening to their needs!

AEP strives to make your lives both easier with our innovative collections and exciting due to the vast selection of engaging titles that your readers will absolutely love. 

Remember, AEP is no longer just books . . .

We are books with a purpose!

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