What’s New at AEP?

AEP works hard to bring you not only the most up to date titles, but collections that balance classic titles, new reads, highly motivational books, graphic novels, and so much more!

Take a look at the collections below that were recently added to our database.  These are “bound to be best sellers” based on the creativity from the authors that work with our publishers.  AEP has relationships with hundreds of publishers across the globe—which is one of the reasons why we can provide the best prices, greatest selections, while providing you with “simply better service.”

A Wicked History Collection is the definitive biography series (a 21 book collection) for middle and high school students on the evil individuals who twisted the course of history. Newly revised editions include additional resources that supplement and support the core text. These include related primary sources, prompts for students to reflect on what they’ve read, and project ideas for further inquiry.

•Engaging narratives introduce readers to history’s most famous and infamous figures

•Sophisticated design appeals to high-school and middle-school readers

•Controlled vocabulary and sentence length make these books highly readable

•Directly correlated to Social Studies Standards for Middle and High School



True stories from the Top Secret Files Series (a 7-book collection) provides engaging, “never-heard-before” facts and information about secrets, strange tales, and hidden mysteries of an event or time period.   Students in Grades 3-8 will love this collection and make learning come alive while surveying some of the most life-changing eras in history.





AEP’s Autism Awareness Collection provides educators and students (K-12) with a blend of fiction and non-fiction titles to assist with professional development for educators and brilliant reads for students--where main characters struggle with autism issues.  Feel free to customize your selections within this large collection of over 90 books or purchase the entire collection for your K-12 program.  AEP is proud to support “Autism Awareness” as we celebrate all of the wonderfully unique differences in our students today!





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